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Pranav & I

We glanced at one other like… like… (God knows like what) taking measure of a menacing new rival on the academic battlefield of IIITM. Yet we both knew that we were merely at the beginning of the greatest journey of our lives. This was afternoon 27th July, 2005 when I first met him, who I did not know then, would share one side of the covalent bond while I being the another side.

After completing the admission formalities (MBA First Year) and hostel allotment procedure, I was about to leave when he came to me, a bit tensed, and asked (though I was expecting he would ask my name, but) if there was any gym in the hostel. I became perplexed, shook my head in unawareness and thought how I could answer him; the institute was very much new to me as it was to him. From there started a never ending saga (beautiful & unforgettable) of an eternally tensed man that I, along with my batch mates, witnessed for two memorable years.

Ohh… I forgot to raise the curtain from one more unique quality of my best pal, which frequently kept us in blues. And that was his daily new love stories coming to the surface that would often land him in severe agony and put us in heavy and heated discussions. I’ll take up the details later on. If I forget this part of his life, then I found him the most similar to me as a person and perhaps that is why I am trying to pen down my experiences and the time I spent with him.

One more extraordinary quality of my brother (as we called each other), I do not know how I skipped, was his alacrity to throw parties. Above that we were so shameless that we could hardly miss any chance to take a party from him, so what if someone was ill or whatever, but missing his party… never. Even if someone missed his party, he could easily get his share some other time. So generous was my brother. You just needed to utter a word “Party”; he had perhaps not learnt to say “No”. This “No” word was nowhere in his lexicon. But there is always some limit to shamelessness. At times when our inner selves shouted over us (generally initiated by our Bulla, pronounce with a smile), we tried to realize him not to waste money on frequent parties. But as usual, he was the synonym of generosity.

It would be a remiss if I do not introduce you to one more equally important character of the story, popularly known as “The Sadist”. He was Punjabi brother of the protagonist of this story. Mr. Sadist was also a great personality. If I try to write about him, I am sure I’ll end up with several pages in my kitty. But this story is of someone else and Mr. Sadist tried his level best to anchor the personality of his eddy-teddy Punjabi brother to get best fit in this cunning world. He better knew how much did he succeed in his mission. Well that is why Mr. Sadist becomes an integral and inseparable part of this story. As the story proceeds, I will keep on introducing you the new characters indeed.

Now it’s unfair that till now I have not told you the name of our hero, please accept my apologies. Since this story starts from IIITM, so we would take up the name by which he was popularly known in IIITM. I don’t remember when but he was rechristened as “Puddu” in IIITM, but I used to call him “Puds” (pronounce like put). All the above mentioned qualities of my brother were perhaps responsible for this lovely name.

Mr. Sadist was often called as “Pawwa”. He was a great competitor of mine, hold on… hold on… don’t think that we were competitor in academics, but we would compete to get individual parties from Puds. Adding to my woes, I could never succeed against Pawwa (read in anger). Being Punjabi brothers, Puds and Pawwa did share certain qualities like, being eternally tensed and confused, Puds couldn’t smile and being sadist, Pawwa did not smile. So, that used to be a rare occasion of seeing any one of them smiling.

I shared a beautiful chemistry with Puds. We partnered in almost all the major or minor projects and assignments during the entire course curriculum. Definitely I got the benefit of that. Before the projects or assignments were allotted, Puds would initiate the submission tension, so we were able to complete our work before any one else in the class. Many people (especially my competitor “Pawwa”) tried to break our duo (obviously without any bad intention, just to pull our legs), but we withstood all the rigors of conspiracies and plots. Pawwa always played the role of “Naarad Muni” (remember “Narayana-Narayana” in Ramayana). If at-times I said any thing against Puds in front of Pawwa, he would definitely tell that to Puds and that’s too in my presence. In that case I could not do anything just to stare hard at Pawwa (read again in anger). Actually I feel the reason behind these things was the intense competition between me and Pawwa as mentioned above.

To purchase any thing we had to go to the city since our campus was situated on the outskirts. When Puds had to go to the city he needed some one to accompany him and that meant a small party for the person going with Puds. And then the two competitors rose again with their respective swords in hand staging a ruffle-scuffle, ultimately Pawwa emerging victorious mostly but sometimes I would also get the consolation victory.

The story would continue depicting various aspects of Puds life (like love life) at IIITM but for that I need to get “NOCs” from certain would be characters of this story (hope IIITM junta understood). Till then bye …