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Journey to fatherhood – Part 1

It was probably 01:30 PM late night, and he had just finished turning over the pages of some magazine. He switched off the light and lay down on bed.

It was now around 02:30 PM and he was still rolling on the bed, trying hard to sleep. Highly perplexed, he was not able to understand that which way his life transitions were heading. Strange thoughts welled up in his mind. He was experiencing a significant life transition and this change was infusing him with a feeling of vulnerability to face future. He did not know if his decision was right or wrong. He was struggling between the best and worst. Sleep was still trying to force its presence on him, but with no success.  With so much maelstrom going in his mind, he did not realize when he slipped to sleep.

7 months later, he is very happy today. He is eagerly waiting to welcome the new comer in his family. He has understood today that struggling between best and worst will lead to loosing the present beautiful time. He has started preparing himself to learn how to pass on the legacy of faith, values and belief that he received from his parents. The big question mark, if he made the right decision, has gone away now. The way he boasts that he is settled (if not well, then ok) now and his father has still 7-8 years of job left before retirement, similarly he also wants to provide the same leverage to his offspring.

He still remembers when many people asked him why he wanted baby so early, considering many (almost everybody) of his college mates were still bachelor. Now he answers, that it is a kind of elation that cannot be explained in words. This is the transition of life which teaches you to feel the ecstasy on making an investment in heaviest unprofitable venture, the children (joking!!).

This is my story and I am penning down my experiences to let the readers (especially newly married or soon to be married people who are afraid of having kids) know that it is a divine feeling that one should experience. Once I read somewhere that a survey was done by marriage experts who showed that couples who opted for not to have kids were very happy in life. But, I just cannot understand how somebody could comment on something which he has never experienced. Being human being, we cannot be so selfish and materialistic and think of only our future and comfort. I thank god for the emotions I am feeling now. I do not know how stressful it would be to raise a child, but I am sure that the joy of taking pain to raise a kid must be beyond imagination. After all we are not the first one going through this phase of life, so why and what to worry about. I agree with those parents who believe that they need to be prepared financially, emotionally and physically before going for a baby. Definitely, do not bring a new life in this world on the mercy of God. I feel life is very complex and full of competing pressures, and probably we can never feel that we are ready for expanding our family. But certain things happening at the right time in life are also equally important, which make future easier in much respect.

I used to have many questions in my mind, like, why a mother takes so much pain to raise a kid and still feels happy? Why a father works hard to provide best of life to his children? Why a philanthropist gives away his treasures to others? Why somebody devotes his life for others he does not know? Why few people think that money cannot buy peace and happiness of life? Fortunately today, I feel, I got the answers.

  1. Rajeev
    August 24, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    I read this post line by line word by word…and i was getting worried for u my friend but finally ur last sentence made me feel relaxed…”Fortunately today, I feel, I got the answers.”….to finally tumhe pata chal hi gaya ki sab c*******p hai….i m happy for u

  2. Tanay Maithani
    August 24, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    I think its always the change that man tries to avoid. But only a few brave men have the courage to go ahead and take the lead. Definitely it should be an awesome feeling, and plus you are mature enough to count backwards from the future.

    and believe me, those friends of yours who are still bachelors are just because opportunity never knocked on their doors and they are eagerly waiting for it to happen, rather than moving out and taking the challenge.

  3. prashant
    August 24, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    i am delighted for u

  4. August 24, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    bhai this is truely a wonderful post to express your fatherhood feeling….i can imagine how much happier you are feeling now
    All the best & we will have a grand grand party soon ………..

  5. Tanweer Noor
    November 23, 2009 at 2:30 am

    perfect yaar.. kya likha hai zabardast!!!!

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