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Journey to Fatherhood – Part 3

November 26, 2009 5 comments

05:00AM, 9th November 2009, Nurse entered our room and asked me to go out so that she could start basic preparations for surgery. In just another few minutes, my parents and mother-in-law arrived. They caught me standing at the doorstep of my wife’s room. They asked about her, I told them that nurse was inside the room and preparing to take Pooja for operation. After 15 minutes, nurse opened the door, with my wife on the streature with a drip in arm. I could easily notice numerous expressions floating on her face. Nobody could speak anything to Pooja and only communication that took place with Pooja was with wet eyes. I held her hand and walked along with streature as nurse ushered her to the operation theater.

I was stopped at the door as the nurse pushed the streature inside operation theatre and closed the door behind. It was 05:30AM by then. Three member doctors of a panel of 4 doctors were already inside the operation theatre, waiting for the anaesthesia doctor to join them. Soon he arrived and entered hastily the operation theatre and after a little while, the red bulb outside OT was switched on. I started walking at the OT door anxiously. My parents and my mother-in-law joined me walking down the corridor. I could easily figure out that they were constantly murmuring prayers on their lips. Ages passed while walking here and there. Every passing second was going away like hours. I could only pray for the well being of my wife and nothing else. At about 05:50AM, we heard a long sound of a baby crying coming from operation theatre. OT door opened and a nurse came out with a big smile on her face. She immediately went to my mother and gave her the news that a healthy baby boy was born. My parents and my mother-in-law congratulated each other and of course me too. I asked nurse about my wife and after she told me that Pooja was fine and she was getting stitches, I had a deep sigh breath.

The crying sound was continuously coming out of the OT. Nurse told us that the pediatrics doctor and nurses were cleaning the baby that is why he was crying. After cleaning, doctor gave lactogen to baby (first time feeding) and dressed him. At the same time gynaecologist was busy in closing my wife’s wound with stitches. At 06:45, the red bulb outside the OT went off and paediatrics doctor came out with the baby boy wrapped in towel and gave him in my mother’s arms. She immediately took the baby into the room as it was very cold in the hospital corridor. I wanted to see my wife first and then my baby. I was still waiting at the Operation theatre door for my wife to come out. Nurses were getting inside and coming out of the operation theatre every now and then. Whenever the door was opening, I would expect that Pooja would come out. But I had to wait for another half an hour when I first saw my wife after surgery. It was 07:15AM, when she was taken out of OT on streature. She was unconscious and looked as if she had fallen sick for long. I held her hand and walked through the corridor to the room. With the help of nurses, I shifted Pooja from the streature to her bed. She was later covered up with a blanket and continued to have a drip of fluids with pain killers and healing agents.

I turned to my left where my mother-in-law was sitting on the adjacent bed with the baby in her arms. I saw my baby first time. Instinctively I sensed wetness in my eyes. It was a divine feeling which could not be expressed in words. I kept on looking at him for minutes. He was looking so soft, squashy and pulpy that I could not touch him thinking that I would harm him. Looking at my baby I felt proud thinking that during initial 7.5 months of pregnancy, my wife was with me and I took or tried my level best to take care of her alone , on my own. I very well know that no father can match the pain a mother takes in nurturing a life in her womb and giving birth, but I was thinking that at least I also tried my bit to make my wife’s journey smoother in some way.

I turned again towards Pooja as she was gradually regaining consciousness. I thanked her for she bestowed the most precious gift to me. She gave me a feeble smile and slipped to sleep as the effect of anaesthesia had yet not gone completely.

Thank you Pooja for the beautiful memory you created, and thank you God for conquering the mountains in my life.


Journey to Fatherhood – Part 2

November 22, 2009 5 comments

8th November 2009, we reached hospital at around 08:30PM. Doctor had called my wife to admit her. Everybody was very anxious. We were not able to think if my wife should be induced pain and wait for normal delivery or go for a cesarean. She was already 3 days past the delivery date and doctor had scared us of many complications that could arise because of an overdue baby. Moreover doctor was not sure if inducing pain would really work, and also she had almost given clear indication that she would prefer cesarean for my wife over normal delivery option to avoid any risk. We were also of the view that, if in any case doctor would operate at the end, then why my wife should bear labour pain. My wife also shared the same view. After contemplating for 2 long hours, we decided to go for a cesarean.

Then it popped up another worry to create a tensed environment. You must agree that how important, our elders feel, the dates and timings are, for the birth of a child. We were told by some Pandits that good time was between 05:00 AM to 06:00 AM on 9th November 2009. After that there was no good time for next 2-3 days. Now that it was almost sure that doctors would do a cesarean anyhow even if my wife underwent induced pain, my parents thought, then why not baby to be born during that auspicious time. So if the surgery was early morning, we had to give our confirmation to doctors immediately so that they could arrange for a surgery panel and medicines. Although on such a short notice doctor’s panel would become available early morning, but they might not have taken full sleep and that could be risky for patient. This was another worry we were facing. We shared our apprehension with the main doctor who was attending Pooja. After she assured us that such things were normal for doctors, we gave our nod in agreement for surgery to be at 05:30 AM early morning next day, i.e. 9th November.

By then it was already 11:30 PM, I asked my parents and other family members to go back to home and come early morning during surgery. I stayed back with my wife. I very well knew how difficult it was for her to decide cesarean delivery. She was put on drip though the entire night. She was lying in her bed staring at the ceiling trying to sleep but just could not. There was no sleep in her eyes. I sat close to her and put my hand above her head trying to calm her down. I cannot say how successful I was in doing so as I was more scared than her. So many good and bad thoughts were coming in my mind. We remained awoke entire night. We remembered all good times from our college days when we were together till that day. We could not realize when the day dawned and nurse entered our room to get my wife ready to be transported to operation theatre.