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Three Idiots

December 27, 2009 2 comments

After Tare Zameen Par, this is my second post on any movie. I do not say that I am a critic or I write only great movies’ reviews. However, after Tare Zameen Par, this is the first movie, which has instigated me to write. It is surely an extension to Rajkumar Hirani’s Munna Bhai, with an outstanding social message and ridiculing current education system, which engages students into Rat Race defeating the very purpose of education. Hirani has beautifully painted the picture of today’s student who as soon as starts going to school or college, the realm of idea is infused into his mind that he has to score high in examination and beat everyone in the Rat Race. He is demoralized if he does not do well in the exams and from there a series mental torture begins which continues for rest of his student life. He does not get to recover from the stress he faces to excel in the never-ending competition and sometimes takes extreme step to end everything forever.

Movie has traces of Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller, 5 Point Someone, with some exciting tweaks. The book carries its verve and the movie has its own. Amir Khan has done an impeccable job as  RANCHOD DASS CHANCHAD (Rancho, Phunsukh Wangdu) and Madhavan and Sharman Joshi have done their bits brilliantly as well. Kareena Kapoor adds glamour to the movie, but her presence is well felt. After Dr. J C Asthana in Munnabhai MBBS and Lucky Singh in Lage Raho Munna BHai, Boman Irani has carved out the character of Viru Sahastrabudhhe in 3 Idiots marvellously. His dialogue in the very first lecture of the class, “Life ek race hai, agar tez nahi daudogey to koi tumhekuchal kar aagey nikal jaayega”, would have definitely reminded many of us of our class teachers or principals or parents.

This movie is a perfect blend of comedy and satire. One of the lightest moments in the movie was when Virus’ (name given to Boman Irani by Amir Khan) model student, Chatur Ramalingam or Silencer (again the name given to Omi Viadya by Amir Khan), gave a welcome speech in Hindi, which was modified (better word is Adultrated) by Amir Khan. Silencer was poor in Hindi and so he could not understand what he was speaking and at the end, he could only find himself in soup.

I could not find any dull moment in this movie. Rajkumar Hirani surely knows the art of mixing humour with emotions. He has skilfully given lighter shades to the serious moments in the movie, which makes you feel more juvenile and teaches you that whenever you are passing through the tough period of life, just put your hand on your heart and sympathise it by saying, All is Well. I loved the part where Amir explains the reason behind saying All is Well, “Hamara dil bahut darpok hota hai. Jab aisa ho to ussko kaho..Aal Izz Well, chachu. Fikar na kar. Iss tarah problem ko face karne mein aur courage milta hai !! “- THIS WAS AWESOME !!

Movie has everything that is required to make it a big hit. It carries a social message, it makes you to laugh your heart out and yet it makes you cry at places. Music is the other good part of the movie. I just loved the picturisation of Behti Hawa sa tha wo and Give me some sun shine. Zoobi Doobi is also a very nice song. The climax is shot perhaps on the bank of Pangog Lake. I never saw Ladakh looking so picturesque in any Indian movie.

In all, ‘3 Idiots’ is a complete ‘paisa vasool’ film that will keep you engaged until the last hour! Frankly speaking, ‘3 Idiots’ is an out-and-out Amir Khan film as the actor successfully pulls off the college kid with great epitome. To end with an awesome advice given by Amir, ”Kabil Bano, Success jhakk maar kar peechey ayegi !! “


Journey to Fatherhood – Part 4

December 18, 2009 7 comments

I flew from Hyderabad to Lucknow (my parent’s place) to be with my wife during the delivery. It was very relieving after every thing went on smoothly. When a child arrives, we want to keep the memories of baby’s early years alive. We take hundreds of baby pictures and videos so that we can relive the memories whenever we want. Loads and loads of shopping are done from nappies to wardrobe to welcome the new guest in the family. . We prepare a great feast and invite friends and relatives. At the end of the feasting and merriment, each of visiting members make a wish for the baby. Sweets are distributed among the relatives and neighbours and many rituals are performed to celebrate the beginning of a new generation. Naming ceremony is performed on a specific date under perfect suitable astrological state as suggested by priests after proper name is identified for the baby. All the above mentioned activities were carried out at the birth of my baby too.

But I never wanted to be a mere witness and show my fatherly emotions only while playing with the baby. I was with my wife and baby only for 12 days and then I had to come back to my workplace, leaving them with my parents for another 4 months. I know that I will be raising my kid and fulfil my responsibilities of being a father, but I wanted to experience that period also when my kid was only a few days old and giving me sleepless nights. Moreover, I also wanted to take care of wife after her operation during whatever time I could spend with her before returning to Hyderabad. So I ensured that I would be with my baby and my wife for all those nights I would be in Lucknow.

After spending 5 nights in hospital, it was a real test to begin back at home as there were no nurses and we had to do it all on our own. Since Pooja took a big cut in surgery, so she was yet not comfortable to get up from the bed without any support. Somebody always had to be with her to get her anything she needed. Now I was ready to be on duty, sorry..I wont call it duty because at times a duty could be forced upon, but for me it was by choice to experience the celestial experience of life.

Surely, babies have such a great life !! But poor thing, they never remember what luxury of life they had enjoyed when they were toddlers.

Now when my baby’s naming ceremony is over, I will call him by his name, Darsh. Just about everything Darsh does is so cute and adorable. While sleeping, he smiles…changes his facial expressions, makes strange sounds, all that is so mesmerizing to watch.

Ohh.. I was telling you about spending my nights with Darsh, but got deviated in due course. As Darsh had no sleeping pattern, so we also had follow his timings to take sleep. Like any other new born baby, to notify us of any of his activity or hunger, Darsh would only cry. If he was not sleeping and probably getting bored lying on the bed and wanted attention, he would start crying for somebody to lift him up. I always tried to wake up on Darsh’s wakeup call anytime during night before Pooja got disturbed. As I said, just about everything he does is so cute, even his stinky messy poop (you might have shrunk your eyebrows reading this, but believe me you might as well say the same thing after you will become a father). It took me a while to get over my resistance to change poopy nappies. But being a modern father, I really enjoyed changing his nappies many times in a night. I would only disturb Pooja whenever it was necessary.

Darsh was mostly sleeping in daytime and woke up during night, especially mid-night to 4’O Clock early morning. Sometimes he wanted proper entertainment when half of the world was sleeping. So I had to lift him and walk here and there talking to him in non-understandable languages. Exhausting at times, sometimes even frustrating, but I was loving each and every moment. These are the moments which I want to cherish forever in my life. I know someday things will change, but I wish it does not….

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