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Journey to Fatherhood – 5

March 26, 2010 6 comments

Since September 2009 to last Friday, I had been leading a life of a forced bachelor. Although almighty blessed me with fatherhood 4 months ago, it hardly influenced my regular life except for often trips to Lucknow to see my wife and kid. However, I noticed my life had changed unexpectedly ever since my wife and kid joined me. The transformations I am trying to put forth are as following:

 1. Usually I would stretch my office work even after 06:30 PM and got habitual of coming home only after 08:00 PM. Now, I try to make it a point to be at home by 06:30 PM, no matter whatever is the gravity of work.

2. This you might call I am getting emotional… never mind… I think now… I have started scoring some brownie points in respect of becoming more responsible and caring 😀 .

3. Now to share some agony, I cannot foresee any occasion even in coming 4-5 months when I would get an opportunity to clink my glass filled with Jack Daniels on the rocks.

4. Baby crying used to be a hoarse and stern sound noise for me, nowadays I have really started loving that (kindly read with a pinch of emotional flavour)

5. Another emotional Atyachar for you, now I hardly drive two wheeler or four wheeler over 55Km/hour envisaging who would take care of my baby should I meet any accident [ probably which I never thought after my marriage for my wife …. Pooja I am really ashamed of that 😥 ]

6. After office, no facebook, no orkut, no chatting, no emailing… only babysitting.

7. It is eccentric for me that today I am not in my bed even after 10:00 PM after a long gap and I guess it is one week.

8. Earlier it was very difficult for me to drag myself out of bed before 08:30 AM. Now typically I wake up mostly by 05:30 AM (thanks to my baby’s new sleeping pattern, which he developed only a few days before he hit Hyderabad gravel).

9. IPL is going on and I cannot figure out instantly whenever a batsman is out or he hits a 6 or a 4 as my TV is always on mute, only action replays help me to realise any special moment in an ongoing cricket match. I will not be exaggerating if I say that I play even my music system in mute mode.

10. Suddenly I have started walking a lot in the evening and sometimes in morning as well lifting a weight of around 7.5 Kilograms anytime.

The list is enormous and is growing with each passing day. I will keep posting especially in POTENTIAL FATHER’S INTERESTS. Thanks for your patience



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Tarnishing brand India image

March 12, 2010 Leave a comment

“Sena attacks BNHS for ‘Bombay’ in its name”

This made a big headline in today’s Times of India. Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) is a more than 120 years old institution that has undertaken pioneering wildlife conservation and research in the country, could not escape the outlandish movement for the Marathification of Mumbai being embarked on by the Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). I understand most of the people dislike such things but there are a many who stand in support of this xenophobia failing to understand what would this do to the image of brand Mumbai and later brand India in the broader perspective. After 1991 reforms India opened its gate to the world. The availability of skilled workforce encouraged foreign companies to set up research and development facilities in India across all the major sectors and we soon became the most preferred destination for outsourcing services. Indians trampled the conventions and excelled everywhere making our economy to grow and flourish and lifting up the middle class to different level. But now these Uttarakhand, Vidarbha, Telangana, Gorkhaland, Marathi and other regionalism issues are dilapidating shining India and growing India picture. In Indian Constitution, articles 19d and 19e give its citizens the right to move freely and reside anywhere in the country. But now 63 years after independence, India is in the hold of a dreary debate over this immutable fundamental right because of political parties like Shiv Sena and MNS. After ramshackle in MNC’s offices in Mumbai and Pune, MNS has demanded 80 per cent of the jobs in private companies in Maharashtra to be reserved for the Marathis creating further snag to the corporate. We are the growing economy and we have many more critical issues to address upon to sustain our growth rate, but much precious time is spent debating and attending above mentioned issues. If India is to actually perform its role on the world stage in the 21st century then it is the responsibility of citizens of this mighty democracy to play an active role in shaping the country’s priorities. And our priority should never be to promote hatred ness on the name of regionalism, caste and creed. Political parties like MNS and Shiv Sena are practically playing with the future of next generation Indians to fulfill their political greed. Their activities would inflame private organizations to root off base, if not instant then gradual, from the most preferred destination to somewhere else along with lacs of jobs and the victims could be you and I too.

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मानव जनम

March 8, 2010 3 comments

कभी सोचा है
पृथ्वी पर हैं कितने जीव,
जो हैं सजीव,
और लेते हैं श्वास |
अरबों सहस्त्र भी कदाचित्,
संख्या पड़ेगी कम,
और कभी सोचा है,
की उनमे भी,
कितने मनुश्य हैं हम |
फिर भी रहते हैं,
पग पग पर
जीवन से निराश हम |
क्षणिक हताशा,
से हो पराजित,
उठा लेते हैं
हम अंतिम कदम,
है नही अनुमान,
कि कितना विशेषाधिकृत ,
है ये मानव जनम |

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