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To Darsh, from Me


You have completed 6 months today while living along with human beings on the only inhabitable planet known to mankind. It seems like yesterday we had discovered the pregnancy of your mom and today you are 6 months old. On each passing day, you are achieving a milestone and your accomplishments provide me a personal sense of triumph. It can be crawling, it can be turning, it can be your efforts to speak… every time I expect you to learn something new. I try to teach you many a things buddy (esp. to keep your foot out of your mouth which displays your exceptional yoga/acrobatic skills) , and at the same time you also keep on shaping my thoughts and help me being a better person. I leave on you to comment on this when you will grow. Somebody has truly said that “Child is the father of Man”. I must admit that I am learning from you the way to enjoy every moment, to be care-free at times, to love people around you, to laugh avowedly, to befriend strangers with your ethos, to try hard until you learn what you want to and the list is endless. Your unconditional love and the way you look at me has suddenly made me taking to being a responsible father who should always be there to protect you from any physical and moral harm.

I honestly do not know about your mother, while I was definitely very skeptical at the prospect of being a father. Then you came, made me forget my quivers and I discovered my greatest stress buster in you. I am really overwhelmed with you around me. Now completing three years of my career, I am still learning various intricacies of professional life and in the process sometimes, I have a hard day at my workplace. But when I am back at home, your serene smile welcoming me , makes me feel as light as a feather. Anywhere I am, thinking of you inherently brings a smile at my face and then it is very difficult to be away from you. The way you stare at the things around you to entertain yourself and suddenly start laughing or crying, brings a complete entertainment package for us as well. I will pray that your innocence and placidity is not invaded by the crookedness of this world; and hope you will become a good human being and continue achieving many more milestones in future. All the very best and wish you a good health and great life ahead. God Bless you my little miracle.

Yours Only

Darsh with Nani-Maa and Bua

Darsh with Nani-Maa and his Mom

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Categories: Journey to Fatherhood
  1. oneluckymommy
    May 11, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    The “wow” never really goes away – at least not yet in 2.5 years. And you will soon experience the cognitive dissonance of thinking both “gosh she’s changing SO fast” and “man, it seems like she was a baby forever ago” at the same time.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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