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Life Becoming a Mess

I try to make it a point to add some or the other article to my blog every week and at the same time I wait for something to inspire me to pen down my thoughts. In principle, this post is an outcome of a noetic stir  created by a friend’s blog.

He started his post mentioning his career interest, then how it was influenced by his near and dear ones (as it might have happened with most of us) and had to pick up one of the various options put infront of him by his parents. Today he finds himself caught in materialistic cuffs and surrounded by phantasm of a beautiful life bringing no real juice of happiness. Immediately after reading his post, I realized that it was a memoir of millions of professionals like us, lettered by him so meticulously. He has well said that we have become a programmed machine and operate the way we receive keyboard commands.

He feels that this kind of life has become an integral part of IT world, however I think this is the story any corporate. With the little knowledge of economy and globalization that I have, I attribute this growing phenomenon to increasing consumerism and cut-throat competition in a dynamic business environment. Every businessman wants to make more and more money by being aggressive in his modus operandi, develops immense pressure on his employees to deliver and in the process screws their personal life. I am sure that we will not be able to withstand the stressful professional life until the age of 58 or 60, the normal retirement age. Even if we are able to continue, this trepidation would take its toll and it would be evident on our health and personal front. I have seen a few successful people in IT industry (probably you would have also), look far older at the age of 45. Ain’t this a testimony to my previous statement.

We all are running and running in a never ending race. We remember when and from where we had started, but none of us know where and how long this racing track would lead us to. When you clear your higher secondary, you are advised to go for a professional course. Then you crack an elite competition and complete your graduation from a reputed institute and land into a “good” job. From there you see something else and aspire to go for post graduation or super-specialization. You do that as well and get something better than you had earlier. Time passes by, and you realize that you are looking for something else and you start chasing that. It could be anything, more money, better position or anything else. Thus, we keep on running with our goals and destinations changing very often. There is nothing wrong in that, we get only one life and aiming to achieve as much in that is not a stupidity.

But do we ever realize that life does not revolve only around this cat race, and there are many more things in the periphery. Life is not only about piling up money and collecting luxury and comforts. When a person leaves this world, he is remembered for his money and property until it is distributed to his children, then everybody forgets him. But a person, who has earned “People” is remembered for ages. When Profit and Loss statement of life is written, it is only the people we have earned, comes into the asset’s side. Rest all is liability. In my small life till date, I have learnt that it is always wise to visit your Profit and Loss Statement often so that you can consistently evaluate the “health of your life”.

I am not suggesting to withdraw from this cat race as it is also required to climb up the ladder with time, however we need to introspect at every logical break in this race to understand that what are we losing and what are we gaining in long run and how much the stuffs that we are losing and gaining, are important to us and which one should be given higher priority. Our parents did not enjoy the life of metro cities and other materialistic things, but during the journey of their life they successfully raised and nurtured us and infused us with ethics and values which would always be a weapon for us to fight against the odds of life. This is what they gained while compromising with the standards of life. Like I enjoy driving a mid segment car and sleeping in an AC on my own potential, my father (being a class 1 officer) could have also bought a Car and afford an AC during the early years of his career, but he abstained. He had set his priority for his long term vision and apparently this made me to reach where I am.

Probably we also need to identify our priorities and before that we will have to have a clear vision of our long term goals not only with regards to professional life but with personal life as well.

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