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Darsh’s Mundan

24th Feb 2012 was Darsh’s tonsuring (Mundan ceremony). We travelled to Vindhyachal, a very famous Hindu deity temple in the region situated 70 kilometers away from Varanasi. Vindhyachal, one of the ancient Shaktipeeths, is situated on the banks of river Ganga and surrounded by magnificence of nature.  Vindhyachal is a renowned religious city dedicated to goddess Vindhyavasini. The temple is a center of pilgrimage in the vicinity of Varanasi and MIrzapur. Almost everybody in our family for generations has been visiting the temple to mark important and auspicious events.

As per Hindu tradition, a child receives his/her first Mundan either the first year or third year of age. Being Darsh’s third year, his hairs had grown to a substantial length, making him look healthier than he actually was then. It was really a painful sight of his long hairs going away.

I will be honest to say that I have fairly no idea about this ritual that why is it considered so important. I probably may have to google to understand the rationale behind this custom. To me, more than a Mundan ceremony, it was like a family gathering. My parents and sister with her 2 years old kid came down to Varanasi at my uncle’s place. We were visiting Varanasi after 5 long years and happened to meet lot of relatives. Also this trip marked my first visit to my ancestor’s village after my wedding and this time with entire family. It was a real fun to spend great time with cousins after a long time.

After few weeks have passed since Darsh’s Mundan, we are now used to see him without hair, but hoping to see him with long hairs soon.

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  1. Shirish
    November 17, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Hi Upmaan, I was searching for some details for mundan in vindhyachal and end up at your blog :). The reason about mundan ceremony is “its said that hair directly from womb are connection with your previous life, mundan is a way to break all connections with your previous life and live your life independent of what you did in your previous life.”. The other reason could be “shikha”, as shikha is suppose to help in concentration power.

    Being said this all, can you please guide me the best way to get mundan done in Vindhyachal. We left Obra around 15 years ago and that was last time I visited Vindhyachal, now I want my daughters mundan to be performed there. Not much information online, no hotel, no taxi, someone even told me that Mandir is not even as clean as it use to be. Will appreciate any help in this regard.

    Thanks and best regards,

    • upmaan
      January 9, 2014 at 5:25 am

      Hi Shirish,

      Am sorry, your comment got berried and am looking at it now only. If you plan to go to Vindhyachal, will suggest you make Varanasi your base. You will get plenty of options to stay in Varanasi, then get taxi or cab to Vindhyachal. I doubt accommodation facilities in Vindhyachal coz it’s a very small town, and haven’t explored this place much though. I have ancestor’s home in Varanasi, so we stayed there and took an hour or so drive to Vindhyachal.

      And yes, this temple is not so well maintained and is run by a nexus of Pundits. Different corners of temple are owned by different pundits for generations. So the moment you enter the temple, you will be mobbed by 100s of pundits to avail their services. They provide you a small room for a few hours, till mundan is performed, and will do some rituals for you. Feel free to bargain, as this place is more like a shopping mall where prayers are sold.

      My opinion, given an option, I would go to any local temple and I did’t like this place. It’s just that I had to follow family tradition because for the ten’s of generations, mundan in my family is being performed at that place.


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