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India shining

Another feather in cap. It was indeed a heartwarming moment to hear that Asian Development Bank warned their delegates visiting India not to show bare legs or wear short dresses when in India as this could hurt Indian sensibilities and may lead to sexual harassment. So far, I had only heard our politicians suggesting women to be appropriately dressed to avoid inciting the incidents by dressing, in their definition, vulgarly. I was really moved seeing so much concern for our feelings by any foreign agency. My heart fills with joy with a mere thought of how well we have created awareness about our sentiments and outlook towards our women in the world.

The advisory posted on ADB website further elaborates on their anxiety about our sentiments. Note mentions that trousers are acceptable, but shorts and short skirts are offensive to many. What a word of wisdom! Isn’t it? If not offensive to others, such clothes can definitely cause accidents on Indian roads. Considering the fact that Indians have an immaculate eye to appreciate beauty, it is impossible to avoid turning head while driving if a girl showcases her tall, lanky, long legs. And if an accident happens, you would not waste a moment accusing the driver, escaping the root cause analysis to identify the main culprit. Such a step by ADB will not only save hundreds on the       road but help our police and judicial system to have some peace of mind.

What we can’t see here is ADB’s hidden concern about India being branded as a country of diseases like dengue and malaria. While visiting India, mosquitoes always come up as a big concern. How could mosquitoes grip their intense desire to feast on exposed and swanky legs? Trousers and pants can actually keep doctors away from these delegates on their trip to India. Shouldn’t we be grateful to ADB’s thoughtfulness that is doing an impeccable work at India’s brand management?

The advisory note on the website has something more that can actually make you sobbing with a thought that can somebody on the earth be so caring and compassionate. Note says “You would be better off avoiding public displays of affection such as cuddling and kissing each other in public (not just for gays). Kissing and embracing are regarded in India as part of sex: do not do them in public. It is not even a good idea for couples to hold hands”. In a country like India, where women are worshiped in the form Goddess Durga, Saraswati, Parvati and many more, how can we tolerate someone cuddling and kissing them in public? Do you think the great keepers of our culture and ideology, Shiv Sainiks, RSS and Bajrang Dal would sit on one’s hand? Not to be surprised if these organizations later want ADB to contest in next general election with their unconditional support.

ADB might as well receive support from a certain sect of sadhus from India who have a fundamental right to strip and shed their clothes anywhere and anytime as part of their holy path. They would really appreciate if someone curbs their competitors.

Respect comes from the bottom of heart for ADB and kudos to people for making India shining.


  1. upmaan
    October 21, 2013 at 5:09 am

    Tried my hand at self-loathing for the first time…

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