There couldn’t be a better day than your birthday to publish next in series “Letter to Darsh”. Happy birthday mate, you just turned 4.

Taking care of any celebrations event planning, has always been frightening to me. You must understand how your mom took care of making this day eventful for you with a busy job, a hectic life and a dull and grounded husband post a foot surgery. You should know that more than anyone else, it’s your Mommy who is most excited for your birthday party. You were fast asleep in your cozy bed when your mom and I were staring at the clock with gimlet eye till it turned 12:00 AM. And then your mom started showering you with her kisses but that didn’t deter you to come out of your hibernation. I also followed the suit, but to no avail. Never seen her so excited, she smiled, gazed at you for a couple of minutes and slipped into bed, while I was looking for my painkillers.

Going a couple of hours back, when your birthday gift was being finalized, we were confused as to what to give. We asked you and you responded ” I don’t know” and then you thought for a while before retracting your statement and said while pointing at some old toy, “I don’t want anything thing, I already have one”. It just warmed our hearts and made us feel the magic of that moment; not because you didn’t want anything but because of the purity of your innocence. The gleaming had started long ago when you started counting down the days for cake-cutting on your birthday. All these actions going around were fueling a spark in your eyes. We were surprised to see how instead of asking anything for yourself, you were keener to know what we would be distributing as return gifts to your friends at school.

I tried to annoyed you saying that we would not celebrate your birthday as I won’t be able to move due to my recent surgery. This trick didn’t work and you calmly suggested me to stay back at home and rest, while you would go out with your mom to celebrate your birthday. I was flabbergasted and fell short of words to respond you.

I know dude, very soon you will grow up. You will have your own liking and disliking, you will want to gain independence, make your own rules and would start developing un-comfort under auspices of your parents. Till then, we would want to cherish every moment of your innocent childhood and treasure them till eternity.

  1. Shailja
    November 9, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Wonderful lines Bhai…Spellbinding!

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