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Ayansh – Birth Story

21st Jan, around 04:30 AM, Pooja, my wife, woke me up and asked me to get ready at the earliest to head out for hospital. She was beaming with excitement, and had a glow on her face, which I had never seen all through her pregnancy period. She was already a few days past her due date and I could easily see that a sense of restlessness had started enveloping her in last few days. She was tormented. But then she was joyous too, thinking she was now going to end this 9 months journey any time soon. The ecstasy of giving a natural birth had overcome the pre labour pain she was going through.

And then what time unfolded, was truly an unprecedented tale we ever witnessed. Now the wait begins… We mistook pre labour pain for it might end soon with blossoming a new life into this beautiful world. Hours passed…. There was no sign of active labour. I started losing my patience when my wife needed it most. It was afternoon, 21st January, when I muttered to my wife that I missed an important day at office for nothing. She must have hated me from the core of her heart. There have many occasions when I put my work over anything and everything and later repented. With hindsight, I should have never done this to her. I now curse myself for doing this to her.

Anyway, wait continued and she passed 24 hours in pre labour pain. Around 4 AM on 22nd January, I woke up to rasping heavy breathing sound of my wife. Thanks to Healthy Mother Care and Dr. Vijaya, I didn’t take long to understand that my wife was managing active labour pains through fast breathing. I was happy to see the effect of 6 weeks of Lamaze (child birth preparation) classes at Healthy Mother. Those classes truly ingrained some elements of a gynaecologist in me. By the time doctor examined my wife, at around 06:00 AM, she was 6 centimetres dilated. She was half way through. Contractions were now more frequent. The glow on my wife’s face only became brighter as the time passed. She was going through the labour first time, but she never appeared naive.

I guess baby was even more excited to get a glimpse of this world. So far, baby had a constant healthy heart beat until now. At 06:30 AM, 22nd January, it appeared baby would be delivered maximum by 11:00 – 11:30 AM. Pooja was in labour, contractions were 5-6 minutes apart and pain intensity was high. I was trying to keep her attention away from pain. We both were speculating the time of birth, it started with 10 AM in the morning, soon it was pushed to 4 PM, then 6 then 8 but there was no sign of when this would all end.

By 09:00 PM, 22nd Jan, Pooja had started looking dull, the smile on her face started fading away. Without sounding sadistic, this was what I and Healthy Mother team were expecting to see. This clearly meant she was inching closer to delivery. 24 hours of pre labour and 16 plus hours of active labour had tormented her. She was stagnating in an abyss of pain. Then Dr. Vijaya noticed something unusual with baby’s heartbeat. It was fluctuating between 170-190 and occasionally it crossed 190. In last 16 hours of active labour, Pooja dilated probably 2 centimetres more than what was observed in the morning. More 40 hours of pre and active labour pain combined had probably stressed out the baby in womb and that is when doctor decided to get the baby out at the earliest. She focused on first to bring baby’s heart beat within a normal range before taking actions required to get the baby out. Within a few minutes she managed to get heart beat down under 145. By 09:30 PM, Pooja was induced with pain and Healthy Mother staff started assisting her do certain exercises to help her cervix fully dilated. Doctor kept a consistent check on baby’s heartbeat and ensured it remained within the normal range. Meanwhile, my wife was slowly moving to pushing stage.

And then, a ceaselessly long pushing saga started at around 10:00 PM. Contractions were still 3-4 minutes apart, but they were stronger than ever accompanied by severe leg cramps. It was only now, after 40 plus hours of initial labour pains, she could feel significant rectal pressure, probably the baby was low enough in the pelvis. Wait….. when each labour stage appeared to last an era, how could this have ended so soon. Baby was not as low as it should have been after such a long labour. Somehow it was not coming down beyond a certain point. I am not sure about my wife, but I had kind of given up hopes for a normal delivery; but when I looked at the doctor, her confidence provided me a huge respite. It was phenomenal to see how she was motivating my wife to push harder each time. Probably by 2:00 AM, on 23rd January, we first saw a glimpse of baby’s head. It took another 2 hours and baby finally came out at 04:07 AM. It was a baby boy. We were taken a back after realizing that the weight of the baby was 4.5 KG and 56 centimetre tall; one of the two tallest babies born in last 6 years of Healthy Mother’s history. I couldn’t believe what my eyes had just seen. A new life coming into my arms, through the pains that my wife endured for hours and days, only made me more respectful to her and all other women out there.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Healthy Mother team for the tremendous support they provided, and my wife would definitely echo my voice. I still remember the first appointment we had at one of the finest hospitals in the city when we were told that my wife’s desire of a natural birth would be a distant dream, especially after a first C-section. When I look back, I feel so relieved that we switched to birth centre just in time. I bet, had it been any other hospital, this would have been a clear case of Caesarean section.

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