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November 8, 2013 1 comment

There couldn’t be a better day than your birthday to publish next in series “Letter to Darsh”. Happy birthday mate, you just turned 4.

Taking care of any celebrations event planning, has always been frightening to me. You must understand how your mom took care of making this day eventful for you with a busy job, a hectic life and a dull and grounded husband post a foot surgery. You should know that more than anyone else, it’s your Mommy who is most excited for your birthday party. You were fast asleep in your cozy bed when your mom and I were staring at the clock with gimlet eye till it turned 12:00 AM. And then your mom started showering you with her kisses but that didn’t deter you to come out of your hibernation. I also followed the suit, but to no avail. Never seen her so excited, she smiled, gazed at you for a couple of minutes and slipped into bed, while I was looking for my painkillers.

Going a couple of hours back, when your birthday gift was being finalized, we were confused as to what to give. We asked you and you responded ” I don’t know” and then you thought for a while before retracting your statement and said while pointing at some old toy, “I don’t want anything thing, I already have one”. It just warmed our hearts and made us feel the magic of that moment; not because you didn’t want anything but because of the purity of your innocence. The gleaming had started long ago when you started counting down the days for cake-cutting on your birthday. All these actions going around were fueling a spark in your eyes. We were surprised to see how instead of asking anything for yourself, you were keener to know what we would be distributing as return gifts to your friends at school.

I tried to annoyed you saying that we would not celebrate your birthday as I won’t be able to move due to my recent surgery. This trick didn’t work and you calmly suggested me to stay back at home and rest, while you would go out with your mom to celebrate your birthday. I was flabbergasted and fell short of words to respond you.

I know dude, very soon you will grow up. You will have your own liking and disliking, you will want to gain independence, make your own rules and would start developing un-comfort under auspices of your parents. Till then, we would want to cherish every moment of your innocent childhood and treasure them till eternity.


Letter to Darsh on his First Birthday

November 23, 2010 1 comment

Dear Darshu,

Many congratulations on your first birthday!

I don’t know when would you be reading this letter and I am not sure whether I would be able to preserve this for you till the time you are grown enough to read and understand. But I wanted to feel glad that I savored the moments and recorded them in my own way for you to relish sometime in future.

I won’t use your first birthday to lecture you with heavy fatherly words. We can wait for probably few more years to strike such talks. I would better love to recall how the past one year has passed by. It seems it was yesterday when you came knocking the door early morning, a few minutes before Six O’ Clock.

A year ago your mom was lying in hospital. The indecision whether to go for surgery or wait for a normal delivery was debilitating us. Just a few days before your birth, we were given a hint that it was a baby boy, though we were least bothered about that. After a lot of hustle-bustle, your mom was operated upon and you came into this world. Since then you have been a miracle for us.

I remember your first 12 days in this world which I spent with you and your mom before moving back to my work place, leaving both of you with your grandparents. It was a mesmerizing feeling while holding you as if you were a 20 inches long real lifelike toy. Those 12 days passed by in no time and I kept palpitating till I met you after 2 months and this time I managed to stay with and your mom for close to 10 days. I could notice that you grew at tremendous pace and now you were able to balance your neck to some extent. You had started responding to sound, it was indeed a fun to play with you. And soon I had to leave again for my workplace and started waiting for your mother’s maternity leave to end. In the last month of six months long maternity off, your mother moved to stay with your maternal grandparents. Incidentally Holi fell during the same period and fortunately I could manage to come to meet you both to celebrate your first Holi. I was desperately waiting for you and your mom to join me in Hyderabad and I was the happiest person on 18th March 2010 when both of you touched the soil of Nizams.

A great phase of my life thus started. My life was complete with a beautiful and caring wife and a loving son. Every evening I would wait to finish the day as soon as possible to rush for home and play with you. I and your mom ensured that we would come to home during lunch every day to see you and it really didn’t matter if we missed several official outings and parties 🙂 . You were growing infront of me, learning different new activities with each passing day. You started making different and strange cooing sounds by popping your lips. It was a great fun to see you doing all these stuffs. Soon you learnt to demand whatever you liked in your way of creating grating sound.

Time passed by and because of various reasons (of course to provide you best upbringing), you and your mom left me again to stay with my parents, your paternal grandparents in Lucknow. And because of professional reasons, I missed your first birthday son. Now I am here and seeing you after a gap of more than two and a half months. I was surprised to see the way you were trying to recognize me. You first denied coming to me when I entered the house, and then you crawled towards kitchen door and continued staring at me for a few minutes as if you were trying to flashback to your memories to recognize me. After sometime, you were comfortable to be friends with me. I was now more mesmerized with your newly learnt activities. I saw you first time taking few steps but missed watching you when you would have walked first.

Now that you left with your mom to attend a function at you maternal grandparents place, I am eagerly waiting for both of you to return so that I could spend some quality time with you before going back to Hyderabad. Keep on writing new pages in your life’s notebook and allow me to read new lessons every day.

Thank you for being so beautiful  and loving.

He is growing up

August 3, 2010 5 comments

Ahh… After a long gap I am back to my favorite blogging subject, i.e. Darsh.

We are truly enjoying watching him learn something new every now and then. Barely completed 8 months, now this little man has started snatching every small thing he sees out of our hand. And an unsuccessful attempt irritates him to the core and then his fake crying and growling becomes a nightmare for Pooja and I. Be it food, be it TV remote, be it toys or newspaper, he has to get hold of everything. And his love towards laptop would make you feel as if he is a born techie. The way he moves his fingers over the keyboard gives an impression of a typist being in business since ages. My boy is really developing strong and we are finding difficult to set boundaries for him (unsure if we should).

He has mastered the art of rolling over. He does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to surprise us with his new tricks of rolling off the bed and specially when we least expect this. The best till date came last week, when he folded his legs towards the chest and came on to his knee, curling his upper body off the bed while sleeping. I did not have the camera around, so clicked that hilarious moment with my cell phone, which you can see below.

Please bear with me for picture being not very clear. It is something inexplicable to see a baby who was once laying in my arms completely dependent on me, is now developing an eagerness to grasp and learn from every bit of happenings around him. He is growing and it is an amazing feeling to see him climbing up the ladder but at the same I fear that I will lose the little baby in my dude. Now when Pooja and Darsh are leaving me to stay apart (hold on… we are very much together 😉 .. they are going to stay with my parents in Lucknow), I am holding a bunch mix of emotions. It will be a difficult phase to stay apart but the flip part would be Darsh would be with his grandparents and probably Pooja would be able to continue her job, the idea which we had started to ward off for past few months. Hope something better is stored in future for us.

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My Little Boy

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

First time today,
You extended your arms
Asking me probably,
To lift with warmth.

I see the joy,
On your face when you crawl,
The pleasure is quite visible,
When you cheerfully howl.

Your little-tiny smile,
Bursting into laugh for a while,
Watching you as you grow,
Puffs my heart like a billow.

You took me in a jiffy,
Through the memory lane,
When he sent you to me ,
The reminiscence will never Wane.

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Journey to Fatherhood – 5

March 26, 2010 6 comments

Since September 2009 to last Friday, I had been leading a life of a forced bachelor. Although almighty blessed me with fatherhood 4 months ago, it hardly influenced my regular life except for often trips to Lucknow to see my wife and kid. However, I noticed my life had changed unexpectedly ever since my wife and kid joined me. The transformations I am trying to put forth are as following:

 1. Usually I would stretch my office work even after 06:30 PM and got habitual of coming home only after 08:00 PM. Now, I try to make it a point to be at home by 06:30 PM, no matter whatever is the gravity of work.

2. This you might call I am getting emotional… never mind… I think now… I have started scoring some brownie points in respect of becoming more responsible and caring 😀 .

3. Now to share some agony, I cannot foresee any occasion even in coming 4-5 months when I would get an opportunity to clink my glass filled with Jack Daniels on the rocks.

4. Baby crying used to be a hoarse and stern sound noise for me, nowadays I have really started loving that (kindly read with a pinch of emotional flavour)

5. Another emotional Atyachar for you, now I hardly drive two wheeler or four wheeler over 55Km/hour envisaging who would take care of my baby should I meet any accident [ probably which I never thought after my marriage for my wife …. Pooja I am really ashamed of that 😥 ]

6. After office, no facebook, no orkut, no chatting, no emailing… only babysitting.

7. It is eccentric for me that today I am not in my bed even after 10:00 PM after a long gap and I guess it is one week.

8. Earlier it was very difficult for me to drag myself out of bed before 08:30 AM. Now typically I wake up mostly by 05:30 AM (thanks to my baby’s new sleeping pattern, which he developed only a few days before he hit Hyderabad gravel).

9. IPL is going on and I cannot figure out instantly whenever a batsman is out or he hits a 6 or a 4 as my TV is always on mute, only action replays help me to realise any special moment in an ongoing cricket match. I will not be exaggerating if I say that I play even my music system in mute mode.

10. Suddenly I have started walking a lot in the evening and sometimes in morning as well lifting a weight of around 7.5 Kilograms anytime.

The list is enormous and is growing with each passing day. I will keep posting especially in POTENTIAL FATHER’S INTERESTS. Thanks for your patience



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