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Tare Zameen Par

January 28, 2008 Leave a comment

We still live in the era, where if someone does academically well in the school, almost immediately people assume this bright student will go on to become a doctor or engineer. Often no one asks the child if he wants to become the same. It is generally assumed. It is considered widely that these professions are with the promise of the greatest financial reward. Since the times of our great great grand fathers, we have been solely linking the professional success to academic success. To be successful and rich in future, you have to excel in your school and secure, if possible 100 percentages in exams. This is an undeclared derby in which children are made to participate, without asking their consent, with their parents in riding seat. Parents name this the ambitions of their kids, on the contrary, this is their own educational pursuits and aspirations which they want to attain through their kids’ life. Hence child starts living two lives, one of his own and the other imposed by parents i.e., parent’s life. We forget that the child is bearing the tons of load over his head which is nothing but the strain of our aspirations. Now after this, comes a stage, when child is in a temper when the smallest spark might raise a flame.

Hey..!! Relax… neither I am getting philosophical nor trying to make the ambience heavy. That is something I pondered upon after watching Tare Zameen Par. It’s not a review but a revelation which comes out after watching this movie. This movie dwells particularly on the point that the wishes and interests of kids should always be recognized and respected and should never be suppressed. At times, while watching the movie, I realized that it touched some or the other facets of my life. And I am sure that many of you would have felt the same thing.

Parents have the vantage of wisdom over the children that come with age but sometimes they act very childish. As it has been portrayed in the movie, Ishan’s father could see the symptoms of the problem that Ishan was having but never tried to find out the problem. He tried to remove the symptoms but oversaw to cure the problem first. He was continuously trying to realize his own goal through the life of his both children. He could not read the juvenile mind and curbed Ishan’s tantrums until Ram, Ishan’s art teacher, came and showed him the truth. Ram Shankar has been portrayed as a person who is not just a teacher but knows what makes kids happy and fruitful at times. He makes classroom as a music floor and treats kids as his best friends. Not every time people like Ram come across to help out the kids, for that matter the child is sometimes lost in disdain. With the time passes by people start calling it abnormality in child. They start behaving rudely with the child and the child feels isolated, shattered, depressed and upset. And elders call it they care for child. On this there is a dialogue in TZP by Ram:

” Khayal karte hai aap? Kabhi yeh bola hai…beta tum gir bhi gaye toh kya hua, main hun na tumhe sambhalne ke liye, Achha laga yeh jaan ke khayal karte hai aap” .

It’s a story which makes you think over certain things which you’ve never considered in your life earlier. The movie brings tears to eyes and made you realize what you’ve truly missed while you were a child. You cannot get back those precious days of your life but still can make up for them in the present or future. It’s a general saying that Kids are the best gift that god has given to us and Aamir has proved it rightly. At the end I would like to quote one more dialogue from this movie:

” Har bache ki apni khoobi hoti hai, Har bacha ki apni kabiliyat hoti hai, Har bacha apne anusar bhar uthata hai” .