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2 years together 24 hours a day

September 24, 2010 12 comments

For the past 2 years, we had almost been with each other for 24 hours of the day. Be it home or office or in transit, everywhere we were together. Starting from breakfast to occasional lunch and then dinner together everyday, now suddenly a hiatus to all. Being in UK without her for the past some time, I was still satisfied as till lunch hour I would be able to catch her on office network. I somehow had a sense of little closeness even while staying so far, that I would be able to talk to her or chat with her whenever I wanted.

Today was her last day in office and I chatted with her last time on sametime. I was so used to being with her 24 hours a day that a mere thought of not finding her sametime status appearing green in office from coming Monday makes me feel disturbed. To add more to worst, she will leave Hyderabad on 27th September in my absence and I would not be even there to see her off. The house we built gradually in close to 3 years of our marriage life would scatter in a moment. My son and wife, both will go to Lucknow to stay away from me.

I remember how we had added every single household item, sometimes taking loan and the other time waiting for next month’s salary. Now everything went on to advertisement portals for sale. Heard several times from elders that sometimes life forces you to take tough decisions but never imagined I would also have to take one such. Never wanting either to put a 9 months old baby in a Crèche or compromise my wife’s career (she was always willing to quit), I pushed her to go to my hometown to explore opportunities and stay there with my parents until baby grows enough to be able to put in a Daycare.

I am trying to be honest here that I never realised the gravity of the decision then, but now it is getting heavier. Being not able to see her in office has agitated me this much that I cannot imagine how would I go and continue in the house without her back in Hyderabad where we both started our life and spent last 3 years. Wish this period to pass in moments.

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